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There are a number of specialist services and that we can provide:

Supply and Installation of new flooring

We can install all types of wooden flooring including real wood floors, engineered wood floors, parquet and laminate. We also supply and fit traditional wooden floorboards.

Floor Sanding

Using latest technology we sand any wooden floor unitl perfectly smooth. Small gaps can be filled.

Floor Varnishing

Once the floor is smooth, we can apply a range of varnishes, oils and wax.

Floor Staining

Using high quality woodstains, care and attention to detail we can stain the wood floor to a shade to suit yourself.

Floor Maintenance

We also supply maintenance services to keep your floor in top condition. We can advise you on the short, medium and long term maintenance that your floor requires and provide a package to suit your requirements and your budget.

Floor Restoration

Floors that look tired and worn can be restored, to get the attractive allure of a real wood finish. Gaps can be repaired, either using a discreet filler or reclaimed wood slivers for larger gaps.

Gap Filling

Larger gaps between the floorboards can be repaired by inserting slivers of new or reclaimed wood, followed by sanding and finishing.

Front Doors

We also specialise in restoring, sanding and varnishing real wood doors.

Garden Decking

We install and restore garden decking, back to the original look.


We are always concious that we working within other peoples property and will always show the utmost respect and care. Once finished, we will leave the property clean and tidy. We are fully insured so that if anything unforseen should occur, you can be sure it will be rectified.

For commercial properties were downtime is not an option, we can vary our hours of work around your business so that you experience no disruption.


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